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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Art should not be dictated: Haile Gerima

“Art should not be dictated, it should not be used to propagate fascism. Art should be liberated from the clutches of authority should be made free to censor itself without any external interferences”. The celebrated Ethiopian film maker, Haile Gerima stated  during his conversation with Vice Chairman of Chalachitra Academy, Bina Paul today at Nila Theater.
 Politics is the art of deception. Politicians cannot create the amount of unity generated through art.  A state with gun cannot create artists. The rise of cultural fascism is the major threat for free artistic expressions .The role of state in art should not go beyond the provision of financial support .The Commercial films of America marginalized the blacks even from the margins of history. The growing focus given to entertainment films has sidelined the movies with artistic values. The society needs young people who can create history rather than being mere spectators, Stated Gerima.

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