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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Quotes from Celebrities

Kannan Pattambi, Actor - “IFFK is becoming more and more colorful everywhere with the rising number of delegates.  I am so happy about the way the fest is being organized. But some people are trying to grab attention showing disrespect to national anthem. I have objection towards their attitude”
M J RadhaKrishnan, Cinematographer - “I am so happy that number of delegates is having a steady rise with each passing years of IFFK. But along with that wanted to have in proportion   development of amenities also with that rising number“
Jayan Cheriyan, Director - “This is a free space zone. This is a place where the dialectics of various   expressions are best harmonized. This is the first time any fest in India is recognizing the status of Transgender community   . Also a category called gender bender, this is indeed a revolutionary festival. I am so thankful for support given to my film Ka Bodyscapes, by IFFK, in obtaining special permission for its screening here. This will encourage more independent film makers in bringing out good films in future too “
Paresh Mokashi, Director -“It is the sheer enthusiasm of the delegates and huge volunteer base that makes this film festival exceptional and unique”
Pradeep Kurbah, Director - “This is an amazing experience being here in this festival. I am coming from a place which has a legacy and film heritage of just one decade. Screening of my movie in this festival is like dream come true for me because the self taught film maker have always looked upon Malayalam movies with lot of reverence.” 
Green Zeng, Director - “This is so amazing being here. My movie, The Return is being screened in the competition section of movies. Am overwhelmed by the response and applauding the film is receiving here. The hospitality and the volunteer support received here is also outstanding“.
Bala Bhasker, Musician - “IFFK is more colorful this year. The sheer enthusiasm of the younger generation in the festival is indeed notable. Along with a chance for seeing great movies, I see this space of friendship and healthy relations. “
Anil Nedumangad, Actor - “Participation is the biggest factor of any festival. IFFK is blessed with more than 13000 delegates here. The best thing about IFFK is that it is delivering the best for its delegates since it is led by film makers and people from Artistic background who can understand the pulse of film lovers. “
Priyantha Kaluarachchi, Director - “I am so happy that my first film itself was selected in a grand festival like this. The festival is having an amazing crowd. It’s is so good see the art house films being screened full packed here. 
Santhwana Bordoloi, Director –“IFFK has grown to a mega event. This is a real festival now with all its enigmatic colors and energy it emits. I am so happy to see a lot of young people here who will drive the future of cinema “. 

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