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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Obstructers must be blacklisted: Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Those who intend to obstruct the screening of movie in the International Film Festival of Kerala must be blacklisted, stated director Adoor Gopalakrishnan,film . The people who obstruct the movie screening will not be permitted to any of the upcoming film fest, Adoor added. He wasspeaking in the last Open Forum of the 21st IFFK.
 The enhancement of the theatres won’t solve all the issues related to the Festival. ‘MLA’s who intend to watch the movies should be asked to register beforehand “, he added.
Delegates have also expressed their views. Students who register for the first time in film fest must be limited to watch movies for two days, registered students who don’t make use of pass must be prohibited, delegate fee must be elevated to 1000 rupees are some of the suggestions raised by the viewers. There came yet another suggestion of blacklisting a person for 5 years who doesn’t watch even a single movie in the fest. There must be a barcode reader so as to identify these persons.
The valid suggestions from viewers will definitely be taken into consideration, said Kamal, Chalachitra Academy Chairman. They can even communicate their suggestion directly to the academy,he said. Kamal, Chalachitra Academy Chairman.It is possible to increase the number of screens but not practical to reduce the number of delegates. The upcoming festival complex will materialize these problems. Kamal Chalachitra Academy chairman, Bina Paul Academy Vice chair person, K.R.Mohanan, former chairman, Rada  Sesic NETPAC jury , T.V.Chandran,  V.K.Joseph, Vidhyarthi Chatterjee , Uma Dacunha, C.Gouridasan Nair participated in the Open Forum moderated by Meera Sahib.

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