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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Designers Attic- A huge turnout to see

People throng as Designers Attic stands by at the International Film Festival of Kerala ground bearing the charm of the ages old Malayalam Cinema. Crowd just entering the attic only to get the inducing smell of old time when cinema was viewed as a wonder. The only marketing strategies were distributing notices and sticking of posters. The charisma of attic lies in its displays of posters from the movies Balan to Kammattipadam. All these signatures are re produced in the Designer’s Attic and passer bys are just absorbed in the air inside. A video presentation is also flashing in the air inside. The artists behind the Designer’s Attic are film maker Lijin Jose, designer Razi and editor B Ajith Kumar.
Cinema is also about memorable attachments- not only with the characters but also with the inanimate properties which is capable of telling stories multifold. So when we look back these attachments too would appear before us floating in the air. Some black and white paper leaflets, expressive posters, and elaborate but light books of film songs etc .All these revisited at the 21st IFFK only to make the viewers to go back to an era of simple aesthetics. A video presentation depicting these nuances of the past and rich Malayalam cinema named as Designers Attic started showing in theatres. The presentation is of 25 minute duration.
 Designers Attic inaugurated by the eminent veteran actor of Malayalam cinema Jagathy Sreekumar at Tagore theatre on behalf of the IFFK is full blown with film viewers.

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