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Monday, 12 December 2016

Censorship curtails raising voices

Censorship of Cinema is the censorship of dreams and ideas. The recommendations of Syam Benegal Committee report are a move to seclude dissenting voices from the public spaces, said Jayan Cheriyan while talking in an open forum conducted by IFFK.”All cultural expressions are muffled by authoritarian state” he added..
Moderated by B.Unni Krishnan, the symposium had, Rakesh Sharma,Deepa Dhanraj, and Jayan Cheriyan as the panelists. The Open Forum ended in a democratic note by giving voices to the dissenting voices within the forum.
Most of the panelists were of the opinion that the politics of the censoring hindering freedom of expression have to be dealt politically. While a few said that politics has to be separated from Cinema.
B.Unni krishnan, the director was of the view that Cinematograph Act itself is political, He raised a question that how can we act indifferently to such political gestures.
Rakesh Sharma, director of ‘Final Solution’ a documentary on Gujarat riots of 2002 opined that it’s high time to break the silence. Its not just film makers the entire society should come forward to resist the authoritarian norms.
Deepa Dhanraj, the director who was actively involved in women’s issues was on the opinion that the spaces for dissenting voices are curbed not just in cinema but in virtual spaces too and it’s important to fight for such spaces.

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