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Thursday, 15 December 2016


Saibal Mitra, Director- “This is really a film maker-centric film festival which you hardly find anywhere else. IFFK is giving a proper attention for regional film makers”
Unni R, Writer- “This is was one among the best festivals I have experienced. I could be able to see variety of films, and this variety is what makes this film festival unique.”
Anarkali , Actor– “This is a special IFFK for me .Last year I was a volunteer here. But this year, people are identifying me as an actor .It’s   indeed a great feeling to be treated special by people. A lot of good movies were screened and the crowd is awesome here.”
Abhija Sivakala, Actor- “There were few controversies related to the national anthem issue in the festival. But apart from that, this was indeed a great festival –one to be cherished till the next IFFK”
Sanal Kumar, Director-“The big crowd coming for IFFK has its pros and cons. There are situations like many people are actually losing their chance to see the film they like .We need to think more in the direction of accommodating everyone. It would be better to have special mass screenings for the movies which the delegates most wanted to see, in the festival.  Also we need to have a special segment for children’s movies.”
V K Cheriyan, Film Critic- “The sheer enthusiasm of the crowd is indeed vital for the success of the festival. But we have to be more responsible in checking that audience is not disturbed from enjoying the movie. I think there should be some seats reserved explicitly for film and TV professionals and those associated with film societies”
Varun, Actor- “This is my first IFFK. The enthusiasm and energy of the huge mass to watch beautiful movies are outstanding and unique.”
Achyuthanadan, Actor- Besides watching a lot of beautiful movies ,I was so happy watching lot of young people here ,who have taken a clear stance and reacted in the national integrations related issues which created news in recent days.”
Jalaja,Actor-“ This IFFK gave me both good and bad experiences. Obviously, lot of awesome movies was there. But I was so shocked to see a new generation who is ashamed of respecting the national anthem. They don’t have any problem standing in queue for watching the movie, but less than a minute for the anthem”
V T BalRam, Politician –“The organizing of the festival was exceptional. We haven’t heard many problems here. I appreciate the fact that   protests in the national anthem issue were democratic and peaceful. “

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