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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I am an actress and an activist- Baran Kosari

Revolution changed the face of Iranian cinema, said Iranian actress and the jury of 21st IFFK Baran Kosari. She was talking to Meena T Pillai, Director of Centre for Cultural Studies at Nila Theatre for ‘In Conversation’. Before the upsurge, Iranian cinema confined to love and comedy threads. But the movement brought more realistic issues into the arc lights of reality. Foreign films are a big ‘no no’ in Iran and if one feels like seeing a movie from other part of the world, permission of a committee is mandatory. And the space for women in Iranian cinema remains the same - swept apart from issues that need to be addressed. Censorship after the revolution has become more rigid and lot more problems have to be addressed. “There are a lot of important issues in Iran. We are more than just mere actors. We have to talk about important issues in cinema”, adding to which she said, “My film is my activism”.

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