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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Cinema should be made more accessible: Saeed Mirza

“We can’t generalize the craftsmanship of a film by categorizing it to any budget slots” said the eminent director and script writer, Saeed Mirza. He was talking in a seminar on ‘Low budget film making in the light of spectacular’ organized by GraFTII  as part of the International Film Festival.
Cinema should democratize by transgressing the boundaries and more theaters and distribution systems can make movies more accessible to the general public. The government should develop more mechanisms to support cinema, since it is an art rather than just an entertainment media, he pointed out.
 “The intellectually satisfying movies are in need of state support since it reaches only a hand full of audience. On the other hand emotionally titillating movies reaches the masses”, Said the National award winning cinematographer Madhu Ambat.The director should decide on the audience to whom he should cater to, he added.
What matters is not the extend of budget but the content of the movie.Even big budget-aimed movie can be made with small budget if proper planning is done, said cinematographer Ramachandra Babu

The director K.M Kamal was of the opinion that Films need sustainable and free distribution. The seminar held in Apollo Dimoro hotel was moderated by director V.R.Gopinath.

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