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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Chavittu Natakam –stole hearts

The crowd gathered in the premises of the Tagore Theater was blown away with the scintillating Chavittu Natakam performed by Ajith Kumar and his troup.
The troop in colorful costumes  retold the glorious tales of bravery and valor of the great French Emperor Carelman, who ruled over the kingdom in the 8th Century A. D. The play Carelman Charitham played in association with the Vajra keralam Celebrations is the most famous play of Chavittunatakam.
“The platforms like Vajra Keralam and inclusion in the Youth festivals have opened up more arenas for the art form,Said a performer.It is pathetic that the dedicated artists are finding it difficult to procure a living with the art, he added.”
      The play liberally includes elements from Kalaripayattu, Kudiyattam and other folk traditions .The art form emerged in Gothuruth of Kochi is more popular in the costal belt of Kerala.

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