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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

IFFK pays tribute to a master craft man behind the scene

A festival of any kind has always been viewed, appreciated and assessed by its aura of external aesthetics and arrangements. Rare are the thoughts and eyebrow raises about the less privileged work force behind the scene that made it all happen. IFFK remembers a man who lived among us till two days back and walked away to eternity leaving all the fond memories behind. Suresh Mailakkad was the technical strong hold of the 21st IFFK. Not only this festival but take any fest by Chalachithra Academy, his technical support and intelligence were essential and needed for the hour and also the outcomes of his effort s were unique and apt This time also his studio was providing all assistance and high quality projectors; and undeniably a major factor for the grand success of this Film festival. Even the Designer’s Attic which has become rather a signature erection of the 21st IFFK his technical mastery made it memorable a sight.
He left this world on December 11th after a cardiac arrest. IFFK bows and pays its tribute with the most earnest gesture.

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