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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Cinema is a reflection of the self too- Tannishtha, Brett Michael

“Rape is not a joke. It’s so deeply engrained into our misogynic culture that there is no point trying to explain it to the ones who don’t understand. Our fight against these prejudices is a long and continuous battle” stated parched fame Bengali actor Tannishtha. She was taking part in an open forum with Director Brett Michael Innes. She said it would be nice if everyone has a reflexive nerve so that they can see things unbiased. Since she wishes to end the cruelties like rape and outraging the modesty she calls herself a feminist- she clarified.
 “If you stay in your bubble, you can’t see the other person and it’s only when stepping out of my comfort zone that I would be able to communicate with another. If you can see yourself in another, whether it be a man seeing himself in a woman or a straight seeing himself in a gay person, then you can end up  knowing  them” stated Michael when asked about his debut feature film ‘Sink’. “I don’t mean to put one group on a pedestal or demonize another. All I mean to do is make them understand that the groups are equal” he added.     

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