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Friday, 2 December 2016

Touring Talkies heralding the launch of Film Fest culminates at Trivandrum today

‘Touring Talkies’, a mobile film venture of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy foretelling the 21st International Film Festival of Kerala ends at Trivandrum today.
 The Talkies under the auspices of the Chalachitra Academy that began its journey on November 1st at Kasargod, along with the cooperation of film societies of respective districts, screened a total of 14 films that bagged the Golden Crow Pheasant Award of erstwhile film fests.
The valedictory function to be held at Shangumugham will be inaugurated by V.S. Sunil Kumar, Minister of Agriculture to the Government of Kerala. This will be followed by the musical feast of ‘Oorali’ band and the screening of 2014 Best Film Award winning movie ‘Ottal’ by Jayaraj. 

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