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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Trapped in the manhole of filth

Movies ‘Manhole and ‘Clash’ had penetrating impact on the spectators as both were screened on the third day of IFFK. Manhole directed by Malayalam film maker and the sole female Malayalam director Vidhu Vincent, who is in the competition film category, is portraying the tragic lives of manual scavengers. The story revolves around their mean and trivial lives like the place they accomplishing their daily work and they are discarded as the stuff they collect and dump.
Clash, the Egyptian movie directed by Mohammed Diab presents the intensity of civil war in Egypt. The entire film is shot in a police van and ends with its uncertainty which the moving vehicle gives.
As the festival progresses participants cherish each film. It is always heartening all are going after good cinemas and seriously indulging in it- these are the general view of each participants. 

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