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Monday, 12 December 2016

IFFK - Movies of Day 5

The fifth day of IFFK offers some regionally flavored movies. The movie ‘Kadu Pookkum Neram’ (When the Woods Bloom) by Dr. Biju will have its screening today. The socio-political aspects of the movie might be its live wire. Director TV Chandran’s movie ‘Mohavalayam’ (Circle of Desire) and Rajiv Ravi’s ‘Kammattipadam’ will also be screened. Vidhu Vincent’s ‘Manhole’, Sherrey Govindan’s ‘Godsay’ and Mira Nair’s ‘Queen of Katwe’ will have their last screening today.
Coming to the foreign films ‘Warehoused’ by Mexican director Jack Zagha, Iranian movie ‘Lantouri , Jonas Carpignano’s ‘Mediterranea’, Chinese movies ’Soul in a string’ by Yang Zhang and ‘Knife in the Clear Water’ by Wang Xubeo, and  movie    ‘Kas’ from UK  by Ken Loach, German movies ‘Goodbye First Love’ and “Goodbye Berlin’ will also be screened today along with 50 other movies.

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